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Agile Experiments is a communal project born out of experimenting with two ideas: 

  1. To create new music of a completely collaborative nature via the un-questionable and un-revocable application of improvisation.

  2. To bring this music to locations where audiences were likely to have never heard anything like it before.


The project began unassumingly in 2015 as members of the London music scene gathered to experiment under the casual guidance of Dave De Rose.

A series of gigs at The Agile Rabbit pizzeria in Brixton Village identified a series of combos that eventually gathered for eight one-hour sessions in a DIY studio space in Camberwell, London. This unintentionally formed a collective.

In 2018 thirteen cuts from these sessions were compiled on to two vinyl releases (Agile Experiments vol.1 & 2). This powerful underground collection of music caught the attention of the British Library's “Sound Archives” project that requested to store them on file in order represent the nation's cultural achievements. 

In 2019 another two LPs were released. The third LP featured further cuts from the original sessions alongside new extracts captured during live performances in London venues (London - The Ultimate Guide of Avant-Garde-Step - sides A & B). For the 4th LP Dave De Rose embarked on a mission to Athens in order to recruit, perform and capture a fresh new sound using Greek musicians.

In 2020 Agile Experiments released three more unique sounding LPs: 'Alive in the Empire' (March) featuring  cuts from a one off performance featuring John Edwards, George Crowley, Dan Nicholls & Dave De Rose for the London Jazz Festival at The Empire Bar. 'Tiatoma' (June) featuring Saber Rider & Dimitris Foken in trio with Dave, a formation that had participated to the Athens LP but amassed further and substantial amounts of quality music. 

The 'Edwards/Nicholls/De Rose' LP (October) saw the return of Agile Experiments' first ever trio showcasing its great evolution.

Our 8th record "Bloom Anubis" featuring Josh Arcoleo and Giannis Angelopoulos. This time, influenced by virus related restrictions, we completely rethought our process and blended improvisation with post-production. This necessity to adapt helped us spawn yet another extremely original work.

In November 2021 DDR records released "plants heal" bringing to vinyl what Dave De Rose and Dan Nicholls have been experimenting with at his night Free Movements. This record was also created completely improvising like all the Agile Experiments series records.

In April this year 'Challenger/Edwards/De Rose" was released on cassette, this recording returns Agile Experiments to the raw live capturing of a free improv session with these pioneers of the London music scene.

Agile Experiment's 11th LP 'These Are Times For Mind And Spirit' released November 2022.

Presented in a rogue, hand-written, white label vinyl format. These collectable records are now in the hands of art collectors and original music appreciators all of over the world. New Zeland, Hong Kong, Russia, the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Thailand, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, China, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Spain & Japan as well as all over the UK.

Musicians who have participated live or in the studio:

John Edwards

Dan Nicholls

George Crowley

Tom Challenger

Josh Arcoleo

'Level' Neville Malcolm

Rory Simmons

Sam Crowe

Dario Rossetti-Bonell

Karl Vanden-Bossche 

Liam Noble

Colin Somervell

Barnaby Keen

Nathaniel Keen

Ruth Goller

Chris Sharkey

Jesse Hackett

Tom Skinner

Leon Brichard

Jasper Hoiby

Alice Zawadzki

Ivo Neame

Theon Cross

Alex Roth

Shaney Forbes

Lewis Wright

Jon Scott

Bill Mudge

Laura Jurd

Dave Smith

Idris Rahman

Flo Moore

Brad Webb

Tim Giles

Bex Burch

Alice Leggett

Dave Storey

Peter Ibbettson

Adam Teixeira

Oliver Keen

Miriam Solomon

Simo Lagnawi

Panagiotis Kostopulos

Fotis Siotas

Dimitris Foken

Saber Rider

Kyriakos Tapakis

Giannis Angelopoulos

Michael Kapillidis

Peter Jaques

Marius Mathiszik

Fausto Sierakowsky

Neil Charles

Iran "El Menor" Sarias Farinz

Degnis Bofill

Rasiel Aldama Chiroles

Amanda Quiñones

Gustav Penka

Pano Svobotnik

Marta Mavroidi

Marissa Bili

Jeph Vanger


Iasonas Oikonomou

Sotiris Tsolis

Eirini Ailisa'

Francesca Terberg

Stewart Hughes


Kasia Witek

Elisa Vassena

Anders Duckworth

Theano Ksidia

Athina Kyrousi-Salvucci

Maria Pisiou

Isidora Vincentelli

Polina Chrysafi

Visual Artists :

Nefeli Papaioannou (cinematography)

Melina Lasithiotaki (lighting)

Fernanda Balcells (lighting)

An extensive YouTube playlist of Agile Experiments performances, promo videos and a mini documentary are featured here :

Listen, download and buy vinyl at DDR Records :

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