Agile Experiments

"Alive in the Empire" 

OUT MARCH 27th 2020

While everything around us is constantly being developed to be simpler, smaller, faster and easier to consume, seems as if our obligations are to quite the polar opposite. It's time to bring attention back to bringing attention.

Currently existing in human format within the boundaries of our understanding, this constantly expanding team of cosmic conglomerate particles will continue to release fresh sound-art until it is no longer able to do so. Agile Experiments recordings will continue to capture live performances featuring artists collaborating with each other and given absolute freedom at creation point. The best moments will continue to emerge during states of unanimous 'flow', when the musicians involved are in sync with each other and not influenced by care or concern regarding the thoughts, feelings and states of mind of the receivers. Ironically this apparent lack of care during the task at hand will continuously prove to be the peak state in which the creators will deliver their most precious gifts to the audience. The listeners will need to commit to the moment to enhance their stake in the performance and reap their reward. The imposed vinyl format will continue to force a process aimed at facilitating this experience.

John Edwards : Double Bass 
Dan Nicholls : Synthesisers, Samples & FX 
George Crowley : Saxophone & FX 
Dave De Rose : Drums

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